ASKO drying cabinets features - looks neatly compact on the outside, it also features an impressive capacity.

    With adjustable pull-out racks and 16 metres of hanging space, our freestanding drying cabinet gives you all the convenience of a clothes line – without you having to step outside your house! This means neither wet weather nor humid days can interrupt your laundry schedule.

    If you have items that a standard dryer can’t handle, such as boots, blankets, or clothes made from nylon, you’ll be glad to know this appliance has you covered. This cupboard’s gentle approach to drying also dramatically reduces creasing, so you can forget about your clothes needing large amounts of ironing. 

    Drying cabinets are an ideal solution for many homes and families. Here are some of the features you can look forward to when you choose one from ASKO.

    Heat pump drying cabinets

    Our new heat pump drying cabinets are low in energy consumption but high in drying efficiency. With a dewatering capacity of 22 g/min they dry a 4 kg load in just 90 minutes and with an energy consumption of just 0.3 kWh. The cabinet is a fully closed system which means that no exhaust air connection is required. The moisture condenses during the process and the water that is formed is conveyed to a detachable water tank or via a hose to a drain.

    Less mess

    With a drying cabinet, you can dry your family’s sweaters, shirts, coats, shoes, gloves and more in a neat, organised way. It’s a brilliant way of taking care of your family’s clothes while keeping the house neat and tidy.

    Also for shoe care

    It’s not just rubber boots that can be dried in a drying cabinet. All leather shoes need to rest between each use to allow moisture to escape. If you use them before they have dried, the seams will eventually break and they will lose their fit. Put them in the drying cabinet when you get home from work and they are ready for your evening walk an hour later.

    Drying with care

    Check the labels on your clothes and you’ll see that many garments and materials need very careful treatment. Silk, velvet and satin, for example, need to be handled with care. That’s when a drying cabinet comes in handy.


    Do you need a shoe rack or a glove hanger to fit your drying cabinet? Have a look at our accessories assortment and we're sure you will what you need.

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