Craft by ASKO - unique design of kitchen appliances

    Uniquely-crafted appliances

    One of the things that we at ASKO are passionate about is timeless Scandinavian design – and the balance of simple form and reliable functionality that it exemplifies. It's important that our appliances look good, of course, so that you love having them in your home. But this has to be accompanied by a real sense of usefulness, so that using them makes you happy.

    The way in which we achieve this is through craftsmanship. Taking care of every detail, and turning the design process into a labour of love. The appliances we make are inspired by professional equipment, so they're built to last and do the job well; but they're going to find their places in the heart of your home, so they also have to be nice to look at.

    Our Craft range is the perfect example of this. It's designed to look beautiful, work perfectly, and be a pleasure to use. Every detail is worked through to perfection, and then packaged elegantly. With it, you can delve into the features and let your own craft take centre stage. Using your imagination, letting the appliances guide you through cooking beautiful, delicious food to perfection, and – most importantly of all – savouring the results.

    "Craftsmanship is our nature, detail our passion."

    Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at Asko Appliances

    Our new Craft range movie

    Our Craft range is of the same blood as in all other Scandinavian inventions. True craftsmanship and a tradition of rational and practical problemsolving. When Scandinavian inventions are crossed with Scandinavian design, magic emerges.