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    If your washer moves, it’s not an ASKO

    For us at ASKO, washing is not just having all the laundry perfectly clean. Since washing is an everyday activity it must also be as convenient and as easy as possible. That’s why we try so hard to come up with clever solutions to make your everyday tasks so much easier. For example our washers have no rubber bellows to make loading and unloading incredibly easy. To make the best of the time you have available, we have designed a special Time program giving you the possibility to decide how long you want to spend waiting for the washer to finish. And as a last example of our lateral thinking all our washers handle high spin speeds virtually without moving. Comfort and quality - this is ASKO.

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    Make logical choices

    For the Logic models we focused on a minimalistic appearance with sleek lines and a balanced color scheme between the front plate, panel and display. Harmony is key here and the Logic models are suited to all types of integration where appearance is important. This is the logical choice for everyone and caters to the need for both design and function.

    LOGIC - Washing machines

    A timeless classic

    Our Classic models have a program for every living situation and with the two run modes, you can quickly adjust the programs to make them either more environmentally friendly or wash more intensively. The interface is easy to understand and straightforward to use with a selection knob for program selection and buttons for each option. The front plate, panel and controls have the same timeless, discreet and elegant white design that will last forever.

    CLASSIC - Washing machines

    Styled perfectly for you

    The Style models have a full-size front made from a single piece of solid stainless steel that surrounds the stylish horizontal brushed metal panel. The front, panel, display and other visible components boast a perfect fit and finish and the full-colour highdefinition TFT display provides the best possible overview of the available functions, modes, and status. We have not compromised on any material, which is why all the knobs and buttons are made of carefully polished metal and designed to offer the best feel and response when used.

    STYLE - Washing machines

    Explore our full range

    Smarter by design. The ASKO washing machines are packed with innovative features designed to make daily life easier. Explore our full range to find the right machine for your need.

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    Eliminating your biggest troubles

    In the work to develop our latest washing machines we met many users. These meetings became small narratives with different views, ideas and wishes. We learned a lot and started developing a new generation of washing machines with a great many improvements and solutions. Here we have collected some of our features.

    ASKO washers packed with smart solutions and features.

    Mode function - your shortcut to better washing

    When using a run mode, different parameters of the selected programme are changed to be able to, for example, wash faster, quieter, more energy efficiently or more intensively. Our Style models have six different modes, Logic has five and the Classic models three.

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    Simple Programs for Complex Clothing

    Today, we use significantly more different clothes, different types of fabrics and often fabrics of mixed materials than we did just a decade ago. As a consequence, it is also more difficult to choose the right program. We have made it easy for you to make the right choice by creating a large number of programs for different types of clothes and fabrics. Some of them are featured here.

    ASKO washing machines have programmes for all kinds of laundry.

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