Where do you usually hang 16 metres of laundry?

    High-quality drying cabinets by ASKO

    Drying cabinets are common in Scandinavia, where the climate often requires that you can dry all types of clothes quickly, even coarse outerwear and shoes. A drying cabinet is practical but also gentle on your most sensitive fabrics. A drying cabinet uses no mechanical action that can wear your clothes, the air stream transports residual moisture and it’s almost like drying outdoors.

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    Drying with care

    Check the labels on your clothes and you’ll see that many garments and materials need very careful treatment. Silk, velvet and satin, for example, need to be handled with care. That’s when a drying cabinet comes in handy.

    Heat pump cabinets

    Heat pump cabinets are closed systems in which the process air constantly circulates inside the cabinet, making it possible to install them in confined spaces. Our heat pump cabinets are easy to install and can be installed with lower level of ventilation. Heat pump cabinets are not affected by warm or humid climate, unlike ordinary drying cabinets. Heat pump cabinets have a low electricity consumption – more than 50 % lower than condenser and vented cabinets.

    Condenser cabinet

    Condenser cabinet have two parallel airflows. Internal airflow where air is warmed up when passing through a heater. The air runs through the cabinet, transporting moist air out of the cabinet. Moist is collected as water drops in the condenser an is evacuated either via drain hose or gathered in water tank.

    Vented Cabinets

    Vented cabinets takes in external air that is ten heated. The air runs through the cabinet and the wet laundry and then the humid air is blown out of the cabinet through the evacuation channel. This process is repeated until the laundry is dry.

    Less mess

    With a drying cabinet, you can dry your family’s sweaters, shirts, coats, shoes, gloves and more in a neat, organised way. It’s a brilliant way of taking care of your family’s clothes while keeping the house neat and tidy.

    Also for shoe care

    It’s not just rubber boots that can be dried in a drying cabinet. All leather shoes need to rest between each use to allow moisture to escape. If you use them before they have dried, the seams will eventually break and they will lose their fit. Put them in the drying cabinet when you get home from work and they are ready for your evening walk an hour later.

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