Effective and quiet hoods for beautiful designed kitchens by ASKO

    Open kitchens are very popular, but they need powerful and ­quiet hoods. ASKO offers island cooker hoods that suit any contemporary kitchen. Your new ASKO cooker hood will surely be a centrepiece in your brand new kitchen.

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    Concealed rangehoods

    Some kitchens will simply look better when the rangehood is hidden and integrated behind the kitchen furniture. Our concealed rangehood allows for stylish integration without compromising with the performance. Our concealed rangehoods come in sizes from 52 cm up to 120 cm. They are equipped with a durable brushless motor that is also very energy efficient.

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    Wall-mounted hoods

    The hood is usually the first thing you notice in a kitchen. Therefore, we have designed our wall-mounted hoods to make a wonderful impression on the distance to only get better the closer you get. If you take a closer look you will find brilliant finish to every detail and use of sustainable materials everywhere.

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    Explore the features in our hoods

    Our hoods are straightforward and carefully constructed. We have the hood that suits your kitchen. Read about the features that comes with a hood from ASKO.

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